The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date:

  • Is a clean and respectful man, who honors his word. He lives in a clean environment or has a clean hotel room. (Or maybe a clean office.)
  • He is not overly intoxicated.
  • He is reasonably well groomed and has brushed his teeth. He shaves the areas he NORMALLY shaves. (It’s understandable if he’s just left work, but does make an effort) He doesn’t wear scents that could transfer to me.
  • He uses text messages when making appointments to avoid embarrassing conversations when we might not be able to talk privately.
  • He lays out any gifts in plain sight, upon arrival, so we don’t have to talk about it. Protecting us both from unnecessary dialogue that could be misconstrued by others. Feeling secure frees both of us to handle our date as consenting adults.
  • He is considerate of my time. He understands that I might have other commitments.

I try to be the Perfect Date by:

  • Being clean, respectful and well kept. Not wearing or using perfumes that could stay behind when I leave.
  • Not wearing clothing that may bring attention to myself when arriving at your home, hotel room or office.
  • Being considerate of your time by being prompt. Calling ASAP if I have been delayed.
  • Not bringing boyfriends, drivers or unnecessary outside parties to OUR date.
  • Never overbooking my schedule, you are my client and hopefully my friend. I will treat you like a person, not a gift machine. I adore my clients and it shows.
  • Answering messages as soon as possible.
  • Never talking about your gifts to protect you from discussions that could be misunderstood.
  • Always bringing the necessary supplies for our date.
  • Never cutting short your visit unless it is obvious that you would like me to leave.
  • Making sure you receive MORE than you expected. My mission is to be unforgettable.